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Public Notice - Planning Commission Meeting Change

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Terrace Park New Playground Equipment
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October 22, 2018 Hancock Planning Commission Meeting
October 31, 2018 Public Notice-All Night Parking Prohibited in Winter-2018/2019
November 5, 2018 Hancock Downtown Development Authority Meeting

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City of Hancock does not thaw water service lines:

Who to Call!

Carlson Contracting (906) 370-3334
Brian Bekkala (906) 370-5555
Mike Manderfield (906) 482-7200
Tony Burcar (906) 934-3735

Once your serve line is thawed, contact the City of Hancock at (906)482-2720 to be put on the let run list.

City of Hancock Water Winter "Let Run" Policy
The City of Hancock will allow water customers who have had a history of at lease one actual freeze-up of a water service line within three (3) consecutive winters as verified by City Officials or documented by the property owner or agent to run water a maximum of 11,000 gallons per month over and above the customers average usage at no cost for water or sewer service, when the City determines that "Let Runs" are necessary. The City will determine the start and end dates of "Let Runs" depending on specific weather conditions. The 11,000 gallons are based on a maximum flow of one fourth (1/4) gallons per minute flow.

Water customers, who have not had a history of freeze-up in a period of three (3) years from the date of this policy adoption will not be put on the approved "Let Run" list until a service is actually frozen and evidence is submitted to verify the freeze-up.

Water customers are strongly urged to monitor the water flow to not exceed the 1/4 gallon per minute rate.

All water service (laterals) freeze-ups or household freeze-ups shall be thawed at the property owners expense. Customers will be responsible for payment of water and sewer bills on the customers average use and usage beyond the 11,000 gallons "Let Run" water and sewer credit.

The City will not be responsible for water usage that is run by customers before the City determined let run start or end dates.

Thank You
Terrace Park New Playground Equipment
Hancock High School National Honors Society Members prepare the Downtown Hancock Planters.
Hancock Welcomes Keweenaw Buick and GMC
Hancock defeats Calumet 4-0 in Division III Region 17 High School Playoff.
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