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May 20, 2015
With a $7 Million complete rebuild for Hancockís main Avenue, Quincy Street, scheduled for 2016, Michiganís Department of Transportation (MDOT), held a forum in Hancock on March 19th . For the first time, the City, businesses, and property owners, as well as the public, had an opportunity to see the first draft plans, as well as have a chance to not only question the planners, but offer their own ideas and possible changes.

To see MDOT slide show presentation:
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While the public session was at 8pm, City officials, business owners, and property owners were invited to an earlier 6pm session to delve more deeply into the draft plans. Acting as M/C, Hancock City Manager Glenn Anderson gives a background into the project, and introduces MDOTís Ken Filpus. Filpus will take the audience through the overview portions of the MDOT image program. (See .pdf at pictorial beginning) As the program moves into the how construction will happen, and what criteria will be used, Mark Loch, of OHM Engineering (Project Engineers), takes over the presentation.
And later on, Josh Helms, Landscape Architect at OHM Engineering, , takes the crowd through that portion of what is currently in the plans for landscaping and beautification. Following he formal presentation, the Forum opened up for questions and answers, which was followed by a period of printout viewing and individual contacts. Bid letting is scheduled for December of this year, with construction to begin in April of 2016. Our thanks to MDOT and OHM Engineering for making the digital imaging available herein.
Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net
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