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Recycling bins for sale-2nd round of pick-ups

Recycling bins for sale

Vacancy for Full-time Police Officer
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January 26, 2020 Heikinpaiva
January 27, 2020 Planning Commission Meeting
January 28, 2020 Heikinpaiva

City Of Hancock Fee Policy

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Section I - General Fee Policy
Under the Freedom of Information Act (April 24, 1995)

All Requests: The City Clerk will in every instance charge the requesting person with the following cost incurred in producing public records:

The Sum of:

  1. Actual mailing costs.
  2. The actual cost of duplication or publication. Xerox copies will be provided for a $ .25 cents a page, which includes the cost of labor pertaining to duplicating.
  3. The actual cost of labor required in all duplicating or publication methods or other xerox copies. Labor costs will be computed on the basis of $10.55-11.49 per hour.

Some Requests:
The City Clerk will charge the requesting person with all of the actual labor costs incurred in collection with searching for, examining, reviewing, deleting or separating public records onlv to the extent this labor costs exceeds $25.00 dollars. Labor costs will be computed on the basis of $15.70 dollars per hour.

Lithograph: $9.00

Notary Fee: $5.00

Voter Lists: $.01 / voter or name

Code of Ordinances: $ 45.00

Miscellaneous Copies:

  • Zoning Ordinance ..... $ 5.00
  • Strategic Plan ........... $ 5.00


  • Gun Permits $ 5.00
  • Precious Metal & Gem Dealer Fee $ 25.00
  • ZBA Review $50.00
  • Sign Permit $20.00
  • Demolition $20.00 without utilities,$100.00 with utilities

Impound Fees:

Storage $ 5.00/day

Truck Rentals:

  • Tandem Dump $150.00/up to 2 Tons
  • Add'l Charge/Ton $ 65.00/ton

Miscellaneous Items:

  • T-Shirts $ 7.00
  • City Pins $ 2.00
  • Hidden Gem book $ 15.00
Peter Wickley - DDA retirement after 39 years
Terrace Park Tennis Court
Ryan Street Garden
Playground Equipment at the Driving Park
Recreational Pier Ribbon Cutting



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