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Keweenaw Energy Summit (KREC) - 2014
November 10, 2014
Current high electrical energy rates in the U.P., with rates to rise sharply in the near future due to various factors in the industry, have caused considerable interest in building or creating new electrical energy sources, especially from renewable sources.
Melissa Davis, President of the KREC, made opening remarks, and acted as M/C for the nearly day long summit forum. Next up was a presentation by Asko Ojaniemi, Managing Director of Benet OY, of Finland. He discussed Finlandís success story with Woody Biomass, Baseload Generation plants, which are built on both a regional and community size plant systems, and use renewable sources of fuel, for both electrical grid generation and for heating/cooling community systems. This Power Point screen describes what Benet is about, in general. Also making a presentation, in this case about wind power generation, was Rich VanderVeen, appearing via internet Sype from Grand Rapids, due to a death in his family over the weekend. He is President of Mackinaw Power (representing Patriot Solar), who made a case for building solar power systems in the U.P., as one of the possibilities for increasing local power generation to augment the electrical grid. Later, Sam Lockwood, Treasurer of KREC, presented the Houghton/Keweenaw County Generation plan to the summit meeting.
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