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Condon Field Historical
Condon Field served the Hancock Pubic School system for 68 years. It was first used for Track and Football in 1942. The Field is bordered on the North by E. Anthony St., and on the East by Emma St. These photos were taken in 2010, following announcement that the property would be transferred to Finlandia University for collegiate sports, as well as for Hancock High games, and would be completely rehabilitated and rebuilt. The Field was also renamed in 2011, and will now be known as McAfee Field, in honor of a major financial supporter.
This and the following two photos were taken from mid field, from the original fence line on E. Anthony St., panning from east to west. The original Press Box is at mid field, atop the south bleachers. Bleachers were also located on the north side. The property was donated by Frank & Lucille Condon, to the Hancock Public Schools in 1941, just before Pearl Harbor & WWII, and encompassed slightly over 11 acres. Frank Condon had served earlier as a School Board member. The Field was named after the Condon family in appreciation. A formal dedication occurred in 1963. Taken from the corner of Emma & E. Anthony Sts, shows a view south along Emma St. The next two images were taken from the same spot.
Again, the Utility buildings, from a different perspective. Now looking west along E. Anthony St. This lady and her dog doesn't know it, but this street will not be there in a year. The camera takes a walk southward along Emma St. Again, the Utility buildings.
Same The fans entrence to the Field. Dressing rooms, lockers, medical area . On left, officials room and confections.
And finally, the SE corner used for parking, often for media, officals, and school personnel. This area once held the A. Haas Brewery, later becoming the Copper Country Brewing Company, owned by Angelo Villinelli. E.Atlantic St. is to the left, off screen, which leads a short way to Forest St. and the Condon Tennis Courts, which also no longer exist.
Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net
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