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Quincy Smelter
The Quincy Mining Company Smelter was built in 1898, in what is now called Ripley, in Franklin Township, on a site formerly occupied by the Pewabic Mining Company. (Quincy had taken over Pewabic Mining in 1891). Copper mineral for smelting was provided by the Quincy #1 Mill on Torch Lake, 6 miles to the East (and a few years later by the Quincy No. 2 Mill, adjacent to the No. 1 Mill). Originally, smelting operations were done at a site at the foot of Reservation St., in Hancock, which was fed by an incline tramway from the Mines atop Quincy Hill. The Quincy Smelter underwent expansion and upgrades in 1919/20, in part due to acquisition of several local smaller mining companies and their properties, both to the east and to west of the existing smelter. Smelting was also done for several other area Mines, including the Centennial Mine. The Quincy Smelter shut down operations in 1931, as mining had become uneconomical. It was reopened in 1948, and finally closed down for good in 1972. The site subsequently reverted to Franklin Township. Preservation efforts by the Township began in 1998, and continue today.
Photo Credits:
Smelter_Office.jpg Franklin Township Archives
Smelter_1906 Unknown

Photo digitalization: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net
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