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Major General John Condon
Major General John Condon, Ret. (Marine Corps)( 1911-1996 ), was born in Hancock, MI, and educated in local schools.
This wall display was recently rediscovered in Houghton, after having been missing for a number of years. It had been put together following the General's passing in 1996. It is currently placed in the Alfred Erickson Post 186, American Legion, in Hancock. General Condon, then Major, was involved in the planning of the special fighter mission (Operation Vengeance) that removed Japan's Admiral Yamamoto ( Pearl Harbor attack planner) from further leadership in the War, while Yamamoto was on an inspection trip from Rabaul to Balalae Airfield. A flight plan was prepared by the Guadalcanal Flight Command Operations Officer, Marine Major John Condon. The attack was made possible by two fortuitous events, the US's "Magic" code breakers being able to read Yamamoto's trip messages, and the recent arrival at Guadalcanal's Kukum Field of the Marine Corps P38G Lightning long range equipped fighters. On April 18th, 1943, the fighters intercepted his two transport planes and fighter cover over Bouganville, shooting both down along with two of the protective Zero fighters. One Marine pilot was lost in the highly successful attack, Lt. Raymond K. Hine.
A year end notice from the U.S. Naval Academy Chapel. The Graduation page for General Condon from the U.S. Naval Academy.
Digital imaging: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charrter.net
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