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(New) - Electric Park
Electric Park was a park area located about 5 miles north of Hancock, on the Hancock to Calumet streetcar track, and was a popular recreation area between 1902 and 1932, and later. It was presumably named that due to the energy source for the streetcars that brought people to it.
This view is one that a person would see upon arriving at the Park from Hancock. Electric Park was built and operated by the Houghton County Traction Company. This is a better view of the Electric Park building, used for dances and musical performances. Food and refreshments were also available. This is view of the inside dance floor area. The facilities were available to streetcar passengers wishing to stop off during the day, and into the evenings, seven days a week.
This image shows the considerable activity that went on at the Park in the evenings. Entertainment during this era was in much shorter supply than in the 21st century. The Great Depression brought financial difficulties, that forced an end to the street car era, also facing competition from motor vehicles. The Electric Park continued into WWII, but then, facing upkeep and maintenance costs, and other entertainment options for people, disappeared from the scene as well.
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