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2017 Bio Bags and Branches Curbside Schedule


Curbside Pickup

The City will be picking up curbside leaves, grass clippings and small branches on Monday, May 8th and Monday, May 15th. Leaves and branches should be placed at curbside prior to 7 a.m. The City will only pickup leaves and grass clippings if they are placed in the biodegradable bags purchased from the City of Hancock. The City will not pickup leaves along city curbs or streets.

The City sells the bags at City Hall, 10 bags for $5.00. Biodegradable bags with leaves or grass can be brought to the City DPW, 1601 Tomasi Dr., during regular business hours throughout the summer or fall.

Curbside Small Branches Pickup

Small branches less than 4” in diameter, can be put on the curb for the City to pickup during the above listed dates. Small branches should be bundled with string for easy handling by City workers.

Residency required for participation.

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