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Construction Update

In the upcoming months there will be FEMA repair work done at a few locations around the City of Hancock. Below is the location of the work being completed. The work might only take a day or up to a week in certain areas. If this will cause any inconvenience to residents in the areas, the contractors will notify you.

Shafter Street and Conrad Intersection
Lower Montezuma Street
Navy Street
Campus Drive West (between Birch and Pleasant Valley Drive)
Forest Street
Dakota (Between Water Street and Lake Avenue)
Washington Street (Between Quincy and Jasberg Street)
Anthony Street (Between Spruce and Birch Street)
Spruce Street (Between Roberts and Anthony Street)
Michigan Street (Between Summit and Elm Street)
Second Street (Between Ingot and Hill Street)
Finn Street (Between White and Summit Street)
Weldon Street (Between Elm and Pine Street)
Dunstan Street (Between Brock St and Lakeview Drive)
Ryan Street (between Holland and Road Street)
St Anne Circle and South Street Ditch Restoration

MDOT Projects:
*US 41 between Hancock and Calumet
*M203 beginning at US 41