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Dec 2021 Board of Review - 12/14/2021

December 2021 BOARD OF REVIEW City of Hancock

The Board of Review will be held at City Hall, 399 Quincy St Tuesday December 14, at 10:00 am

The main function of the Board of Review (BOR) is to assure the correctness of details posted to the assessment roll (MCL 211.29(3)). The primary function of the December BOR meeting is to address issues presented to the board by the Assessor; to hear appeals of the Principal Residence Exemption, Qualified Agricultural Property Exemption, Veterans Exemption, Poverty Exemption, clerical errors and mutual mistakes of fact.

Assessor’s contact information: City Assessor
Laura Erhart
PO Box 13
Watersmeet, MI 49969
(906) 358-0504