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July 23, 2011
An Environmental Protection Agency funded project will mitigate storm generated runoff water at the Hancock Beach.
With a generous donation from the Rotary Club, and other interested parties, new playground equipment was made available for the Hancock Beach. City personnel and volunteers took the equipment, which came totally disassembled, laid it all out, put in the concrete pads, and assembled the set. With the concrete bases in, the main poles are set in, and the primary frame is put together. Volunteers begin to bolt in the secondary platforms. Gradually the set begins to take its final shape, but more work still will need to done.
By the end of the first week in July, almost all construction is finished, and site landscaping is being done. And by the heat wave of the middle of July , the youngsters coming to the Beach with their families to cool off, have a new playground set to enjoy. Kudos to all who contributed either effort or finances. PREVIOUSLY ---------- By the beginning of June, many yards of peat moss and rock have been removed from the parking lot; to allow construction of a drainage pond, with a storm water drain, and drainage tubing throughout the area (center dark area). Work continues on back filling the parking area itself. The water collected will feed a drain system down parallel to M203 (right side) to a new storm sewer on the South side of the Beach, along with a collection ditch to keep M203 fed runoff from the volleyball courts and playground/picnic area.
By the second week of June, the ground work is about done, and the new volleyball courts are filled in, needing only the net posts. Work now centers on the concrete curbs and walkways, using special water collection bricks, and finish leveling of the parking lot areas prior to paving. By the middle of the month, seeding with protective top cover has been finished by MJO Contracting, Inc. The parking area has been finished smoothed, and is now awaiting a blacktop crew, which is due in after Bridgefest. The new beach property is due to reopen by the July 4th weekend.
Paving crews arrive bright and early on June 20. The paving is completed within two days, and is ready for marking. The center drainage area has also been replanted. Also, new drainage has been provided on the East side, adjoining M203, to remove runoff on the uphill side of the property. The fully completed and marked Beach parking lot, ready for usage. And the lower portion also completed, with only the East side court still needing new heavy duty net posts, constructed the day after this image was made, finishing the Project ahead of schedule.PREVIOUSLY.....
MJO Contracting, of Hancock Township, won the low bid, expected to cost $244,000. City Manager Glenn Anderson ( L ), confers with a MJO planner as the project gets under way in early May. OHM Engineering, Hancock, will oversee the project, and did the design work. The project will include under paving collection of storm water and drainage, as well as paving the parking lot for the first time. New curbs and gutters are being readied for concrete pouring at the entrence way. Work is scheduled to be completed by July the Fourth. The Hancock Beach will be closed until project completion.
Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net
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