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July 24, 2011
A multi-phase water and sewer reconstruction project has begun in the City.
The first week in August, Bacco Construction Co. began the repaving of US41 in Hancock, mostly done during night time hours. Front St., Reservation St.most of Quincy St., and all of Hancock St. were milled and repaved with blacktop, completing the US41 part of this year's project. PREVIOUSLY --- Over $16 million in Federal Stimulus funds will be spent by the end of this year, in water and sewer updates and re-construction in the City of Hancock and in a new water transmission line from a mine source outside the City limits. The last two years have comprised a record in updating spending on City infrastructure. The new water transmission line runs for some 7 miles from the Baltic Mine to the south side of the new Portage Waterway underwater line. This site is in Baltic. Just a little further south, construction ran into a swamp bog, that caused work to shift further to the south while conditions drained the bog.
Finally reaching old M26, work sped up, with improving ground conditions. As the middle of June arrived, crews were now working south along M26, just south of the City of Houghton. With the end of June/ early July, work was moving north down M26, along the commercial corridor. By the middle of July, work had about reached the cut away point from M26, that would lead them northeast toward the Waterway and the Houghton Canal Road crossing.
Sewer and water lateral work was done on Hancock Street, but other areas of the City now were in line for construction, especially Quincy Street, which would also see repaving in August, shown here. For Hancock Street, it was now Bacco Construction's turn. They would be doing the State Highway Department repaving work, but first needed to update all sidewalk corners to comply with Disability requirements. Following sidewalk work, crews began setting up the repaving work with joint replacement work. Beginning in August, MDOT will be repaving US41 in the City, including all of Front St., Reservation St., Hancock St., S. Lincoln Dr., and portions of Quincy St., and N. Lincoln Dr. PREVIOUSLY ----- The fist week of June sees work shifting back to the West end, but on the South side of the street. About 2/3 of the North side is either completed, or awaiting blacktop crews.
Work is also ongoing in other parts of the City, here, crews are working on Dunstan amd adjoining streets. 0.44 miles off sewer replacement will be done in the City. The 16th of June, sees all construction and fill completed on those points started earlier, on the West side.Also, there will be 0.33 miles of new storm pipe installed along the way. Likewise, the East end also is ready for blacktop fill. 100 sewer manholes will be updated, either rehabilitated or replaced. And by Friday, the 17th afternoon, Hancock St. is fully back open, ready for detour traffic that evening for the Bridgefest Parade.There will be 2 City blocks of roof drains removed from sanitary sewer connections.
This map shows (the colored sections) where work is to be done in the Ciy this summer. (Image courtesy of OHM Engineering, Hancock). Building on a first phase completed last year, plans for funding this year include water connection and distribution upgrades on Hancock St., as well as other locations throughout the City, including repleacement of fire hydrants not accomplished last year. Work started in the first block alleyway early in May. Low bidder was James Peterson Sons, Wisconson, with a bid of $4,798,711 .
The Hancock St. work started before mid-May, and will need to be concluded by July 1, to meet a Federal/State highway repaving schedule for the street. Work started on the west end of the US41 section of the street, and will work eastward to the junction with the westbound highway. By the end of the third week in May, crews had begun operations in the second of some 7 blocks of reconstruction, working first on the north side, then working on the south side of the street. An unfortunate side effect was the loss of the Parade of Thanks, which had to route entirely in Houghton, as traffic could not be rerouted this year on Hancock St. during the Parade.
Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net
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