Event Pictorials
September 7, 2011
Etcetera gives an opportunity to show photos of happenings that would not otherwise justify a full pictorial feature.
By the late August start of classes, the new Finlandia Hall Cafeteria is completed, and ready to be the primary cafeteria at Finlandia University. The 2011 Hancock American Legion Baseball Team was feted recent at the Legion Post, after a very successful season, including playoffs in the State Championship. By the end of July, Finlandia University's new cafeteria in Finlandia Hall is taking shape, and is now fully enclosed.. New sidewalks are being poured, and soon, landscaping will be undertaken prior to students returning for classes in lat August. An idea was born out of the improvements made at the Hancock Beach, that perhaps an annual Summer Fest could be staged at the Beach. And so, the first annual Summerfest was held August 7th, with three band groups performing during the afternoon and into the evening. Join us next summer in August for the second annual Summerfest at the Beach. PREVIOUSLY ---
The Waterfront Canal Rock 2011 Concert Series is becoming a Friday night "go-to" must, at Porvoo Park. Here, Uncle Pete's BBQ Blues Band plays. The Hancock Alfred Erickson Post 186, American Legion, Veteran's Section, at the Hancock Lakeside Cemetery. A new flagpole has been erected, replacing an older one that was destroyed in a high wind storm in 2010. It was made possible by generous donations by three Hancock City Funeral Homes, as shown in the Dedication Plaque (inset). Legion members did the construction. The Ryan Street Garden, now in its second season. The Garden gives amateur growers a place to plant vegetables for personal use that they may not have space for where they live. To donate to the garden, or be part of it, go to: ryanstreetgarden.blogspot.com , or, call 482-0936. The Finlandia Hall Cafe is being expanded and enlarged to become the University's central Cafe. Included will be a new kitchen, and new restrooms, as well as increased food offerings. The renovation should be completed by Fall classes.
An eye catching makeover of this van, by a Finlandia student. This parade banner of the Ancient Order of Hibernians, Division One, Hancock Chapter, was found on the second floor of the WMPL building during recent remodeling. The Order in the United States was founded in New York City May 4, 1836 at St. James Church located near the old Five Points neighborhood. Its existence and activities were concealed for some years. Its motto is "Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity." The Hancock, MI chapter was likely formed shortly after the Michigan Division was formed in 1877. They met for many years on the second floor of what is now WMPL, in the third block of Quincy St., and was an active Chapter for many years. It appears that the end of Prohibition in 1934, coupled with the depths of the depression, took its toll on the Chapter membership, and it languished into inactivity, likely ending as a Chapter with the onset of WWII. PREVIOUSLY ---- Also at the F/A Center, was an ongoing display of Weaving and Fiber Exhibits, that was also open to the public.
A keynote address was presented at the Middle School Auditorium by Sheila O'Hara, seen here ( R ) chatting before hand with Finlandia President Dr. Phillip Johnson. President Johnson welcomes the delegates to the Conference, and introduces the keynote speaker.
[ Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net ].
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