Event Pictorials
February 12, 2012
For the fifth year, the Barnelopet Children's Ski Races were held Sunday, Feb 12th, at the Maasto Hiihto Cross Country Ski Trails in Hancock. Sponsored by the Sons of Norway (Ulseth Lodge) of Hancock, the Races are a non-competitive event to help foster interest in cross country skiiing and physical exercise in general.

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Registration and trail information is taken care of at the Chalet at the Maasto Hiihto Trail Head, adjacent to the Ball Fields at the Hancock Driving Park and Fairgrounds. A proud grandmother (left) takes a picture of her daughter and grandchildren on her cell phone, as they get ready for the Races. There are four race starts, a 6 kilometer race, a 4 km. Race, 2 km. Race, and a 1 km. Race. The children ski in the race length that fits their skill and endurance level. Here, the first race, the longer 6 km. Race, gets started. And shortly after, the 4 km. Race gets under way. Thee are Ski Patrol and Keweenaw Nordic Ski Club personnel at all points of the courses, to make sure no one goes astray, or has problems.
And then, the 2 km. Race is started. With sunny, nearly clear skies, and 29 degree temperatures, but with fairly high winds bringing the chill temperature down to 11-14 degrees, it was still an enjoyable day on the Trails. This tyke had a bit of a problem! But with a little help, he got his skis uncrossed, and was on his way. Finally, the last Race got under way. Hot chocolate, cookies and other bakery were available at the Chalet for all. All others had a chance to run the course following the last race, and they head off into the woods.
Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charterr.net
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