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October 7, 2012
Events and items of photographic interest that due not warrant a full pictorial, are shown here in the Etcetera section.
Saginaw Valley Naval Ship Museum: CLICK HERE
The Canadian freighter Algolake arrived in Hancock the second Sunday in October to deliver our winter's supply of road salt, shown here just arriving and leaving off ground personnel. Shortly after, unloading operations start, as the beginning of a 23,000 ton cargo begins to exit from the self unloading boom. Unloading will take about 6 hours. What our winter's supply of salt looks like. It will be distributed to a number of U.P. agencies. Before coming on to Hancock, the ship laid up at anchor for over a day in Bete Gris Harbor, on the east side of the Keweenaw Peninsula, along with several other 1,000 footers, due to whole gale conditions as a strong cold front passed through the region. The research ship Kiyi, operated by the U.S. Geographical Survey, a regular visitor these days to Hancock/Houghton.
The USS Edison, as she looked in the summer of 1984, when visiting Hancock/Houghton as part of a recruiting/training voyage, in support of the Hancock Naval Reserves. She has just arrived at Bay City,MI, where it will be permanently docked at the Saginaw Valley Naval ship Museum, when the dispay site is completed. For more info, check the link at the pictorial beginning. A new cruise visitor to the Copper Country, the M/V Yorktown, from New York City, N.Y. Owned and operated by Great Lakes Cruising, the ship is 257' in length, and was renovated in 2009. She accommodates 138 passengers. The ship is on a Grand Tour of the Great Lakes, and was en route to Duluth, MN. The ship stopped for a day a week later while en route down bound on the return route. Another maritime visitor this summer, a more frequent visitor, The State of Michigan. The ship, originally the Navy's USS Persistant, a submarine surveillance ship, is 224' in length, and is operated by the Great Lakes Maritime Academy at Grand Traverse Bay, MI, and serves as a training ship for maritime officer training.
The Ryan Street community garden, as it was getting ready early in the summer for this years growing season, much improved in the few years of its existence. The Hancock Tori market, which is open during the summer season on Wednesdays and Saturdays. It is now located on the Quincy Green, in front of the old High School on Quincy Street. CH. 6 TV personality Carl Pellenpaa recently celebrated 50 years of broadcasting to the Finnish community in the Upper Peninsula, at the Finlandia University Heritage Center in Hancock. Carl, shown here answering questions from the audience, told of interesting things that marked his career, and of the many technical advances that occurred in the past half century. We hope you enjoy many more broadcast years, Carl, and, when it comes, an enjoyable retirement.
In business providing construction since the late 1940s, the Mattila Construction Company of W. Hancock, completed their final construction job last fall, with the completion of the Quincy Haven building in Hancock. The Company built a host of buildings in the western U.P. over the years, a list too numerous to mention here. They will be missed in west Hancock. Mike Mattila, the last CEO, pulled the pin to enjoy a well deserved retirement, with no one left in the family to take over construction activities. The dock area and land has already changed hands, and will be put to other uses. A host of area contractors attended the auction to pick up needed equipment.
[Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net ]
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