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Heikinpaiva Celebration-2009
January 15, 2009
The 11th annual Mid Winter Heikinpaiva Celebration was held in Hancock in mid January, over a one week period of activities.
Held as part of the Celebration now (2nd year), the Lumijuoksu (5km. Snow Run), which starts at the beginning of the Parade. Hancock High Jr. ROTC provides the Color Guard. The Hancock City Finnish Theme Committee, which coordinates the activities.
The Hancock City Council and Manager. Promoting the Finnish-American Reporter newspaper. Students and Staff of Finlandia University.
Some of the Mittons designed for this Celebration. An un-named accordionist plays at the Keikin Tori (Handcrafts Market) at the Finnish-American Center. This craftsman is creating musical instruments.
One view of the Heikin Tori Market. Some of the goods available. Also at the Fair, was the Herkut, the Food Court.
Our Celebration Hankooki Heikki, Kay Seppala. The kids and adults enjoyed meeting the reindeer. And the kids especially liked the Finnish Sleigh Ride. Many took advantage of the sleigh rides.
Other events included boot throwing, and here, the wife carry competition. Then came the crowd favorite, the Polar Bear Dive, at the Ramada Inn shoreline. A panorama of the activities , the girl in red in the center is on her way to getting wet. Chill temps on the ice were at -25 to -30deg F. One of the first to take the plunge. Two more brave souls, fortified by a very hot Sauna, take the plunge. Nearly 200 would participate this year. Join us in Hancock, MI for next year's Heikinpaiva in mid-January.
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[Photos: Roland Burgan ].
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