Event Pictorials
June 30, 2013
The CC VFD Departments came to Hancock the last weekend in June, for the Annual Tournament, hosted this year by the Hancock VFD.
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The Allouez VFD sets up to run the ladder setup and climb race. At the gun, they must get up, get coats on and fastened, get boots and helmet on, and run to the ladder. When all team members are present, they pick up the ladder, and carry it to a wall (back of a truck), set it up and secure it, and one member climbs to the top where the clock stops. The Team gets the ladder up.
And the race is completed, with a very fast time. Another race is the hose rollup and stack. This unidentified Team, starts also from a laydown position, must get ready as before, get to a hose, and start rolling it up. Each hose is carried to a designated circle, into which the hose must be placed entirely, with each succeeding hose placed on top. When the last hose is there, the clock stops. Success. As a host Team, the Hancock VFD does not participate, but performs the race duties and officiating.
The Hubbell VFD float. The City of Houghton VFD. A Quincy Township Fire truck.
The Dollar Bay-Tamarack City High School Marching Band. An interesting float, with the giant economy size fire extinguisher. The Allouez VFD, who did well in the Races. The Superior Pipe and Drum Unit.
And the Hubbell VFD shows off one of their older trucks. Kudos to all the participating VFDs, and to the host, the Hancock VFD. Well done
Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net
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