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August 6, 2014
The bi-annual International Yacht Race was held the first week in August. This Race is held under the auspices of the Thunder Bay Yacht Club, in Thunder Bay, Ontario, and is listed as one of the oldest Lake Superior Yacht Races still being held.
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This local boat entry, The Red Hawk, out of Chassell, came in on her engine rather than wait for the winds to pick up. US Customs & Immigration officials do their inspection. The Race is listed as 96 nautical miles in length, and normally, with a Monday 11am start in Thunder Bay, most boats arrive in Hancock by Tuesday noon, or early afternoon. But this year, our weather again played a hand in the game, and with absolutely calm seas Monday night, left all boats stranded. In fact, Lake Superior was so calm, the water was just like glass, and reflected perfectly the night stars, according to the crews. A dinner was scheduled for Tuesday night at 7pm, but was delayed until 9 for the one boat and officials and local Race supporters. One more boat arrived just after dinner, but the rest took until Wednesday daytime to get into port. Race personnel await the remainder of the yachts on Wednesday morning at Porvoo Park. An Awards Ceremony was never held, we were advised, as all boat crews needed to be on hand to hold it.
By later on Wednesday, all craft are finally in in port, with most of the crews taking the opportunity to see various sites around the Copper Country, prior to departing Thursday morning. Here, six of the sleek vessels tie up at the new Hancock Boardwalk later on Wednesday. We wish the boats and crews better sailing weather on their return home, and in future Races. Thanks for making Hancock your temporary home this week.
Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net
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