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August 16, 2015
This Park was originally dedicated in January, 1947, by then Mayor Michael Simula, in honor of two Hancock boys who died during action in WWII. However, nothing was ever mounted on site to show that recognition. This Re-Dedication, including on onsite Plaque, is intended to rectify that oversight.
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A view of the ice rink, with recently replaced side boards, the warming hut is at the right rear. Michigan State Representative Scott Dianda, a local native, also was on hand to give congratulations.
Here, surviving relatives, Mrs. Marlene, Klement, niece of Alvin Laurn; Mr. Kenneth Laurn, nephew; and Mr. Arthur Laurn, nephew, give remembrances of Alvin. No surviving relatives of Robert Clayton Grove were able to attend. Grove, and anther Hancock boy, Elmer Schaff, were serving on the Merchant Marine ship SS James Sprunt, in the Caribbean Sea, when it was stuck by a German torpedo, As the ship was carrying many tons of high explosive munitions, it literally blew the ship into splinters as a result of the explosion. There were no survivors. Mr. Gorden Shaff, of Hancock, tells of his brother, Elmer, and of finding a memorial for him aboard the Aircraft Carrier USS Yorktown, CV-10, (now museumed in Charleston, SC).
Also speaking, new Commander fo Alfred Erickson Post 186, American Legion, Hancock, Ron Olsen, who thanked the City for honoring two boys who gave their lives for their Country in WWII. Reading out the text of the Plaque of Honor, was Kevin Kalinec, Hancock Recreation Commission, and a member of the Hancock Public Schools Board of Education. Family members read the Plaque honoring their boys service to their Country. The Plaque. Our thanks to all who worked on the project and attended the Ceremony.
Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net
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