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October 15, 2008
A $550,000 renovation project was undertaken this year for the Historic Hancock City Hall.
Among the work to be done, was a rebuilding of the first floor area,, primarily to give the Police Department more space, severely lacking in the past. Here, framing for the expansion is underway. A new report filing room, interview rooms, and expanded office spaces, are to be created from space originally used for election polling and vehicle storage. Building renovation work will include Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) compliance. As the summer went by, the work began to take shape, with dry walling added, and forms in place for an ADA ramp (L). The new rooms begin to take form.
Another view of the greatly expanded Hancock Police Station. The contractor is J. Clark Contracting, with engineering design work by Hitch Engineering. Building work includes repairing of the original sandstone blocks, which came locally from the White City quarries, adding a new canopy, archway, and window for the vehicle storage garage area. Window trim work will be done, and a new roof will added. Roof work is under way, a new canopy roof for the Police entrance, and new siding and roof for the clock and bell tower will be taken care of.
By September, much has been done, including carpeting and other work to second floor, and the addition of air conditioning. Here, in mid September, most of the exterior work has been done In the third week of October, the front concrete is removed, and relaid, to facilitate parking for handicapped patrons. The vehicle bay door has also now been installed.
Photos: Roland Burgan
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