Event Pictorials
Finland's Prime Minister Visits Hancock - 2000
April 29, 2000
Mayors Jim Martin (Hancock) and Tom Merz (Houghton) present P/M Lipponen and Mr. Hellberg with custom made memento boxes. The Hancock Elementary School Finnish Class, under the tutelage of Maija Stadius (with headband), presents the Prime Minister with a bouquet. The P/M will visit their class on Friday. Prime Minister Lipponen expresses his appreciation for the warm welcome. The reception was held in front of the Community Arts Center.
The Prime Minister and party then traveled to the Hancock Elementary School to visit the second grade Finnish language class. As they arrive, they are greeted by the Hancock Schools administration.
Prime Minister Lipponen and Klaus Hellberg (seated front row) are welcomed by students. P/M Lipponen displays a certificate given him in honor or his visit. Second grade Finnish language teacher Maija Stadius introduces her class and explains what they will be doing. Many Finnish background grandparents are also in attendance, as the second grade class sings three songs in Finnish.
And as a special treat, the class performs a dance for the honored guest (seated R). Dr. Ubbelohde invites Parliamentarian Klaus Hellberg to address the audience.
In honor of his visit, Prime Minister Lipponen has an Honorary Doctor of Law Degree bestowed upon him by Dr. Ubbelohde (L) and Suomi College Board of Trustees Chairman Gloria Jackson (R).
[Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net ].
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