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Quincy Haven Construction =(JULY)
July 22, 2011
New Handicapped Apartment Building

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Mid July saw outside construction pretty well completed, as paving crews paved the new parking lot. Sidewalks and most other landscaping have also been completed. Balcony railings and platforms have been completed as well, and the building now is externally about complete. Open House and Dedication has been set for Friday, August 12th, at 11 am. PREVIOUSLY ----- The middle of June saw completion of the new parking lot, on the west end of the complex. Almost all other outside work is completed, except balcony floors. Most landscaping is also completed. Work by Mattila Contracting is ahead of schedule.PREVIOUSLY.... Springtime brought the end of snow cover, and the beginning of final property prepartions, as inside construction continues. New sidewalks and grading for the Quincy Street side ( R ), and a re-developed main parking lot on the west end of the block.
A view from the west. The original Hancock Manor (far center), and a newer Annex (L), with the Quincy Haven north face ( R ). The new parking lot is in the foreground. And a view from the Hecla St./Atlantic St. corner, as the third week in May begins. Construction continues several weeks ahead of schedule. PREVIOUSLY ---- By February, 2011, all windows are now installed, and inside construction is in full swing. The project is estimated to be about 3 weeks ahead of schedule. Construction is under way for the south side balconies, with steel beam supports in place, and some platform steel mounted. Mild and low snowfall contributed to late December continuing outside construction, with only 43.0" of snowfall by the 21st of December.
With continuing good weather, crews were able to install the roofing in early December. The final top roof panels are being placed in this photo. EARLIER PHOTOS .... This is an inside view of the first roof brace being installed, following the construction of the third floor walls, in the first week of November. The first main roof truss is readied for lifting to the top. Workers begin to secure the roof truss in preparation for the rest of the roof trusses to follow.
By the middle of November, all of the roof trusses are in place. The third week of November saw winter arrive, and with it, snow. But most of the roof plywood sheathing is now in place, as workers remove the snow. By the end of November, the roof protective lining is in place for the winter, the roof is enclosed, and the two front gable trusses for the balconies have been installed. With the window and door openings sealed off, the new building can now be heated for winter time internal construction. A superb effort by Mattila Contractors. PREVIOUSLY---- By the beginning of October, special hydraulic scaffolding is in place around the building to provide work areas for block placement.
Two weeks later, construction has been nearly completed on the second floor. By the end of October, construction is well into the third and final floor. With continuing good fall weather, the new building may be closed in by winter.(PREVIOUSLY ....) A week later, safety fencing is in place, and materials are quickly arriving on site. By mid September, three concrete plants are in use, the foundations are in, and block wall construction is under way.
And by the last week in September, much of the first story block walls have been laid, and the big crane is now on the job, as well as hydraulic lift wall construction equipment. The hope is to get the building enclosed by winter. PREVIOUSLY.... Construction began immediately following the groundbreaking, as Mattila Contracting began laying out foundations. Within a week, the first foundation concrete forms were done, and wall forms began to go up.
Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net
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