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Quincy Mine Roundhouse (NEW)
October 31, 2010
After acquiring a steam locomotive in 2009, the Quncy Mine Shaft Association made a decision to rebuild the former Roundhouse located on the south end of the Shafthouse property atop Quncy Hill.
By the end of November, winter has arrived, ending outside work. But the windows are enclosed, the new doors are on, and the structure is enclosed. The Quincy Mine Shaft Association acquired this Torch Lake & Quincy Railroad 1912 era steam locomotive, and ultimately hope to restore it to original condition. First on the agenda, however, was rebuilding the original roundhouse to store it and provide a place for the restoration to take place under cover. The locomotive was last used at the Quincy MIne in 1945, when mining operations ceased following the end of WW II. It was donated by Seymour Propp, last President of the Quincy Mining Company. It originally was housed and maintained in this railroad roundhouse building on the site. Early October saw all windows reframed, as well as the access doors. A new roof had been built with new steel support beams installed. Note the fabrication of the stream and boiler exhaust ducts in the ceilings.
The original recessed work trenches had been exposed, and new track support timbers installed preparatory to placing new tracks inside. The stone walls had also been retucked, as the building begins to take on its original appearance from the late 1800s. By the end of October, the building now has partial doors, and the windows have been closed in, almost ready for winter.
Photos: Roland Burgan r-burgan@charter.net
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